• a Diligence and commitment to your care
  • Keyhole surgery Keyhole surgery

    Laparoscopic surgery has many benefits such as

    Faster recovery of bowel function
    Earlier mobility
    Less post op pain
    Fewer adhesions
    Better cosmesis
    Faster return to normal activity

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  • Colorectal cancer

    1 in 12 Australians will develop colorectal cancer.

    A Faecal Occult Blood test (FOBT) is the best screening tool for asymptomatic people for bowel cancer.

    The test is non invasive, quick and safe, and, most importantly may save your life.

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    Colorectal cancer

At Southern Colorectal, all aspects of your care are carefully structured according to evidence based guidelines and your personal needs.

What we do

We treat a wide range of conditions affecting the bowel. Laparoscopic surgery offers many benefits over conventional open surgery for colon and rectal surgery, including earlier return to normal activity and less post-operative pain

Surgical Videos

Watch short videos of some common procedures performed by Dr Kariappa.

Direct Access Colonoscopy

You may be suitable for our Direct Access Colonoscopy programme. This can result in a more streamlined and rapid delivery of your procedure and results- ask your GP for more information.

Welcome to Southern Colorectal

On this site you'll find information about our Surgeon, the services we offer, treatment options for common colorectal diseases and our practice locations. Your GP can use this site to contact us for Direct Access Colonoscopy as well as arranging urgent appointments.


Did you know?

1 in 12 Australians will develop colorectal cancer

Colorectal cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia

AIHW 2011