Direct Access Colonoscopy in Sydney

What is Direct Access Colonoscopy?

A programme that streamlines the process for certain patients to have a colonoscopy.

What can it Indicate?

Possible bowel polyps

Possible bowel cancer

Arrange Testing

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About Direct Access Colonoscopy

Southern Colorectal has a ‘Direct Access Colonoscopy’ programme which aims to streamline the process for patients with an uncomplicated medical background to have a colonoscopy.

General Practitioners or Specialists can refer patients to Southern Colorectal for DAC. This means patients will only need to attend the hospital once for their initial specialist consultation immediately followed by their colonoscopy performed by Dr Kariappa.

Patients Suitable for Direct Access Colonoscopy include those with:

  • Positive Faecal Occult blood test (FOBT)
  • Per Rectal (PR) bleeding
  • A prior history of polyps or carcinoma requiring surveillance colonoscopy
  • A family history of bowel cancer
  • Known familial cancer syndrome (FAP or HNPCC)

The referral process

Patients may be new to the practice and referred by either their GP or a specialist, OR patients may also call in response to recall letters sent out to them by us in our ‘recall system management’.

Once you have a referral from your GP, please call our rooms to have a discussion with our practice manager Rachel about whether a Direct Access Colonoscopy is right for you. She will run through a series of questions screening for your general health, current medications and any prior colonoscopy results.

Following this discussion, you will either be booked in for a consultation with Dr Kariappa in our rooms, or you will be booked on an endoscopy list as a Direct Access patient.

Dr Kariappa does screen all Direct Access Referrals prior to confirmation on the list, so if at any stage he feels you need to be seen in our rooms prior to your procedure, we will contact you to let you know.

Once you are admitted to the hospital, Dr Kariappa will see you prior to your colonoscopy for your consultation and then you will proceed directly to your colonoscopy.

Once you have woken up in recovery, you will see Dr Kariappa for a brief discussion of your results before going home. You will get a physical copy of your report to take with you and a copy will also be sent to your GP.

If any biopsies are taken, the results will be sent to Dr Kariappa within 1-2 weeks, at which point he will dictate a letter to your referring GP outlining the colonoscopy result, the histology result and any ongoing care/surveillance required. A copy of this letter is also sent to you for your records.

Smiling older Asian couple representing Direct Access Colonoscopy patients